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By Leslie Bonci

As a registered dietitian, sports dietitian, and glam-ma, I am all about providing the #fueltools to my clients, athletes, and family to help them strive and thrive. If you are a parent, grandparent, or guardian, you want to do what is best for your kids by providing foods they need to grow, while making sure that it also tastes great in the glass or on the plate.

Dairy is the perfect example…it is a nutritional powerhouse! It is ready to drink, no prep, convenient, delicious, and so very nutritious. MOO’V™ uses ultra-filtered whole milk which increases the protein, decreases the sugar and in combination with an enzyme, removes lactose helping to minimize digestive distress and optimize the nutritional profile.

Childhood is the prime time for growth and development of body and brain with protein being one of the primary components of muscle and bone health. Therefore, it is very important to ensure children are getting enough protein throughout the day. School age children require anywhere from 19-34 grams of protein daily, or even more in active kids. One serving of MOO’V contains 15 grams of protein or half of the daily requirement. As a bonus, the flavors in MOO’V are refreshingly delicious and the versatility in drinking it from the package, mixing into a smoothie or pouring onto cereal brings the enjoyment and the fun.

Beyond the beverage, MOO’V is sold in a kid-friendly size, with eco-conscious packaging that allows for longer shelf-life, on-the-go convenience, and less stress…with no mess!

MOO’V ups the nutrition game, respects the environment, and provides on-pack and website knowledge that allows kids the opportunity to learn about the cows, the dairy farm, and their health – now THAT is #wealthontherefrigeratorshelf.

Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN, is the Dietary & Nutrition Strategic Advisor at Dari® and MOO’V milk. With over two decades of experience, she is an expert in nutrition with many of Leslie’s blog posts center around active eating and fueling for sport. She is the Head Nutritionist for the Kansas City Chiefs and has been a consulting sports dietitian in the NFL, MLB, and NHL, and worked with Olympic athletes. Bonci has co-authored three books with an active eating focus, is a blogger for US News Eat + Run, and is a sought-after expert for television, radio, print and online media, Bonci speaks regularly on topics including “sciensationalism,” “fuels of engagement” and “communication with conviction” to help influencers and consumers debunk the junk and separate fact from fallacy.