We have cows of all ages and sizes on our Dari® farm, but who doesn’t love the youngin’s? These little cows, better known as calves, are bundles of energy and eager to explore the world. One of the more vocal members of the younger herd, Bold Blake would love to tell you about a typical day here with us.

Good Moooo’rning! I can see the sun which means it is time to get up and MOO’V.  I think I can hear a tractor coming. I am so excited – my tail is waggin’ and I am really thirsty!

It’s bottle-feeding time. So yummy. I love it because it is always warm and tasty. You can tell how happy it makes me because my tail just wags back and forth, back, and forth as I finish the whole bottle. I am also given some nutritious grains with sweet molasses on it. Lucky me! I am free to nibble on it whenever I want. I can just tell that today is going to be a great day!

Now that my belly is full, I am also full of energy. Our handlers gather up me and my friends and we head to the “play pen” where we run and jump and have a great time together. Once my little legs can play no more, I am ready for a nap. No need to worry about the weather, because I love to fall asleep in the warmth of the inside. 

When I wake back up, I make a stop my bin of nutritious grains. I like to graze throughout the day. Don’t all kids love snacks?! And I am never thirsty because I always have fresh and clean, warm water available. But just in case I forget to drink enough water, an electrolyte bottle gets delivered to my front gate right around lunch time. This delicious and nutritious meal keeps me hydrated. Have you ever been dehydrated? It’s no fun. 

After my electrolyte meal, I may fill up my belly with a few more grains and believe it or not, I am ready to take another nap. I’m growing and need lots of rest! Later in the afternoon I get another bottle of milk and boy, does it hit the spot! I drink this and talk to my neighbor for a bit. She says she is tired and going to take another nap, that sounds nice. I’m going to lay down for a bit too. 

I wake up and my tummy is hungry again. Snack Time! My grain is so sweet and tasty! I know it sounds like all I so is eat and sleep and eat and sleep, but that is what babies are supposed to do. It helps us to get big and strong. 

I can tell that the sun is setting and that it is getting dark outside. I’m going to call it a day! See you tomorrow!

About Dari®
Dari® is a 4th generation, family-run dairy farm that prides themselves on producing quality healthy milk from cows that are not only well cared for, but truly loved. They are part of the family. And their state-of-the-art farms not only ensure the optimum care for the cows, but also allows them to follow the highest standards of stewardship and effective management in the industry. Dari® is committed to their cows, the environment and their communities. That doesn’t just mean doing what is expected…it means going above and beyond to ensure that they always deliver the best to their friends and neighbors – near and far. For more information, visit or follow @realdari on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.