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None of the color patterns of our dairy cows is exactly the same - just like our fingerprints.

Each cow puts off the same amount of heat as your hairdryer on high!

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Just like humans, pregnant cows carry calves for 9 months. They typically give birth to only one calf (although twins and triplets do happen).

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We have multicultural cows! Their ancestors come from France, Sweden, the Netherlands and of course, here in the United States. Having cows from so many backgrounds eliminates any possible inbreeding and keeps the herd diverse.


Our cows’ comfort is a top priority. Not only do they sleep on beds made of sand, but their shelter is climate controlled to ensure they never get too cold or overheated. We also clean their living areas 3 times a day to protect them from illnesses.

Our veterinarians visit our cows at least 2x a month to make sure that they are always happy and healthy. If they are feeling a bit under the weather, they are quickly taken to a special area where they can recuperate with the help of the veterinarian and herdspeople.

Our cows get their nails done 3 times per year. Just like our nails, the cows’ hooves grow continuously, so they need to be trimmed. It is important that their two toes are flat on the bottom and even on each foot to help a cow maintain her balance.


Our cows get a specially
designed vitamin pack
every day in their meals.

Our cows get fresh
meals two times a day
from our kitchen.

Our cows eat approx 120 lbs of food per day. They need all that nutrition to help them produce almost 10 gallons of delicious milk each day.

Our cows drink 20-30 gallons of water per day and they don’t like it to be warm. Water tanks at Dari® are constantly filled throughout the day to make sure the water stays fresh and cool. The tanks are also cleaned three times per week so our cows have 24/7 access to fresh, clean water.