I’m the head female cow of my family and I always watch over the younger ones – our calves, heifers and other cows. I have been at Dari® my whole life and know the ins-and-outs of this dairy farm so naturally, I am happy to share my wisdom. Here are some interesting tidbits about me and my life at Dari.

My friends and I love a consistent routine. I LOVE having breakfast at the same time everyday with the same friends, having walks with the same herdspeople and even taking an afternoon rest at the same time everyday. It provides me comfort and security.

I prefer to sleep on a nice sand bed – it’s like the memory foam of cow beds. It is good for my joints, keeps me clean and gives me traction so I don’t slip.

I am always comfortable because the temperature in my house (AKA the barn) is always ideal for the specific season. So I don’t have to be out in the hot summer weather, swatting away the flies nor do I have to be freezing out in the field while the snow is falling. No bugs, no frostbite, no swollen joints on this farm – just a whole bunch of happy cows.

My tongue feels like sandpaper, but that doesn’t keep me and my friends from giving our handlers and doctors kisses all the time. My tongue acts as a rough grip to help me grab onto the grains and forages that I love to eat. It also helps for grooming myself and my friends.

My food is always fresh because all my meals come from just down the road where all my grains and forages are grown. I have a nutritional plan specifically tailored to what I need depending on my age and stage of lactation. Calves definitely shouldn’t be eating the the same as a teen or an adult, so Dari makes sure that I, a middle-aged cow, am served a feed that delivers the exact vitamins and nutrients that my body needs.

We all have appointments to see the veterinarian two times a month. I enjoy seeing my “doctors” because I know that they keep me healthy and happy. And if I do end up feeling a little under the weather, my “doctor” stops by the farm immediately – no matter what time of day. If any of us are feeling sick, the herdspeople quickly gives us the special attention that is needed to help us feel better faster and make sure none of our cow friends get sick!

I am really grateful for all the technology being used at Dari Farms. Not only is state-of-the-art technology used to monitor my health on a daily basis, but it is also used to keep my house always at the perfect temperature, it is used to make sure that the milk I produce is always delicious, and it is used to monitor and maintain the world around us.


4:30 AM

I see the dairy manager drive by in his truck. Always with a smile and ready to have a great day on the farm!


I stay put in my comfy sand
bed waiting until I hear
the feed wagon coming.
“Mooo!” it’s time to eat!


While I’m enjoying breakfast, the herdspeople walk by to make sure that I am looking and feeling good. While I’m feeling great today, there are days when I may have an upset tummy. If I really feel bad and have a fever, they may have to take me to the hospital for an exam.


Some days the A.I. (artificial
insemination) Technician walks
by and puts some orange
chalk on my tail. When I get
pregnant they put green chalk
on instead of orange.


After 45 minutes of being at the feed bunk,
the pens are open for the rest of the day. I am
free to roam around, visit with friends, maybe
eat a bit more and of course, drink as I please.


Once in the parlor, the milking process takes about 10 minutes and then I return to my house. On my way back, I stop by the footbath where I can rinse my feet off and then off to grab a quick drink. Once I am back home, I grab a quick snack and then settle down in my comfy bed for a little nap.


After my nap, I may grab a quick drink and a bite to eat and then walk around and play with my friends. It doesn’t take long though before my udders start to feel full again. I make my way towards the parlor gate and wait for the team member to open it for us. Same as before, I wait my turn in line with my friends, but I am usually one of the first in line.


After milking, I head back
to my pen again. Then I hear
the tractor. Food is coming.
We get fresh feed twice a
day. The skid loader comes
by a dozen times during the
day to make sure the feed
is spread out in our bunk so
that we can easily reach it.


When dinner is ready we walk up to the
bunk and graze for a while. After I eat,
I lay down for a little while. My udders
start to feel full again. It’s been about
8 hours since my last milking and I get
to go to the parlor one last time.


Once were back at our pen, I grab
another drink of water and a quick
after-dinner snack. It’s dark outside
and I’m sleepy so I find my favorite
spot to lay down and get some rest.
It has been a great day at the dairy!