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Everyone knows
it’s more fun to
dance with a
partner, and
Morgan is looking
to make you hers.

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Purchase a bottle of MOO’V Real Milk from a local retail location.

Scan the QR Code located on the back of our bottle with your mobile device to launch the AR.

Tap on the button "MOO'V with Morgan" and scan your environment to get her in place.

Watch her dance and join her in the dancing fun. You can even record you both together!

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Bicycle Bonanza

Go on a nice bike ride.

Duck. Duck. MOO’V.

Family and friends will love this favorite. All sit around in a circle as one person walks the outside of the circle gently tapping each head. When you hear “MOO’V” as your head is tapped, spring up and give chase. Tag the person before they reach your space and you win. Otherwise, it is your turn to tap heads.


Create your own 10 second dance routine. Have someone record it and post #dancemoov. Every few months we’ll pick one for Morgan and her friends to perform.

Up in the Air

Blow up a balloon, tie the end and then toss it in the air. Do whatever you can to keep it from hitting the ground. How many hits can you do? Fun on your own or grab a friend and toss (punch it?) back and forth.

Rock N’ MOO’V

Grab an instrument and perform
a concert for family & friends.

Rally Races

What about an obstacle course? Create your own inside or outside. Then take turns timing each other to see who can complete it faster.

Even More Ways...

Have a jump rope handy?
See how many jumps you can do.

Create a scavenger hunt through your neighborhood.

Have you ever tried geocaching? It’s Mother Nature’s treasure hunt. Grab a parent, visit and explore the world around you.

Plant a garden of fruits, vegetables and even herbs. There is nothing better than enjoying produce that you grow on your own.

Pick a favorite recipe
to make with an adult.

Take a walk through your neighborhood, a local river or nearby park and pick up trash that you see along the way.

Make your own instruments from things around the house and then put on a performance.

Everyone loves a little Simon (I mean Nelly) says…great with a bunch of friends.

Take a hike through a local park.

Creature Races. Leap like a frog, slither like a snack, hop like a kangaroo or even crawl like a crab. Have your friends guess the creature.

Freeze dance…Turn music on and dance your heart out. When someone turns the music off, you FREEZE!

If you have a dog and a fenced in yard, have some fun with fetch. If no yard, see if a parent or adult will take you to a dog park.

Find your zen place
with a little yoga.

Grab a soft frisbee and give it a toss. Keep track of how far you can throw it. For accuracy, set up a frisbee course – aim to hit a pole and then a chair.

Spring cleaning…go through your toys, clothes and games, making piles of things you want to keep and what you can donate to a local shelter.

Use recycled paper scraps and some plant seeds to to make seed paper. Once dry, you can plant it and see what grows.

Grab some sidewalk chalk
and get creative.

Post your fun activities!