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Dairy Month & MOO’V™ Challenge

June is an Exciting Month

Not only does summer officially start in June (June 21st to be exact) but the whole month of June is National Dairy Month. For over 80 years, it has been the perfect opportunity to encourage family members to make milk their NUTRITIOUS beverage of choice and take advantage of all things dairy – Milk, cheese, and even ice cream! Many local fairs and festivals may provide taste testing from neighboring dairies 

With all our outside activities, summer is the perfect time to enjoy nutrient-rich dairy foods. Loaded with vitamins and minerals such as calcium to potassium, dairy products like milk contain nine essential nutrients which is why they are known as a natural nutrient powerhouse. 

Introducing MOO’V™ Real Milk…Fueling Kids For life.

MOO’V™ is the latest addition to the dairy family, and offers a deliciously refreshing line of ultra-filtered, lactose-free whole milk that provides 19g of complete protein in every 14 FL OZ bottle! With 3 authentic flavors, each satisfying sip will provide your children with the natural fuel they need no matter what the time of day. It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up, a refreshing beverage partner with lunch, grab a bottle when heading out to play or even enjoy when winding down before bed. Their growing body will thank you! 

The MOO’V™ Challenge.

The essence of MOO’V™ Real Milk is to keep a growing body performing at its best from morning ‘til night. We believe staying active and healthy is important but know that isn’t always possible. Not all children are healthy enough to be out and about. That is why MOO’V™ is issuing a Challenge…help us better the lives of kids in local midwest Children’s Hospitals by enjoying MOO’V™ Real Milk. It’s that simple, just crack open a bottle and record (or photograph) yourself, your friends or your family enjoying the deliciously nutritious flavors of MOO’V™. Post the video or picture on our Facebook or Instagram site and we will donate $1 to the local Children’s Hospital. Let’s show them that we care.

About Dari®
Dari® is a 4th generation, family-run dairy farm that prides themselves on producing quality healthy milk from cows that are not only well cared for, but truly loved. They are part of the family. And their state-of-the-art farms not only ensure the optimum care for the cows, but also allows them to follow the highest standards of stewardship and effective management in the industry. Dari® is committed to their cows, the environment and their communities. That doesn’t just mean doing what is expected…it means going above and beyond to ensure that they always deliver the best to their friends and neighbors – near and far. For more information, visit www.realdari.com or follow @realdari on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.